Improving our Communities through Landscape Architecture

Elements Studio, Inc. is a landscape architecture design firm. We are fascinated by the way that landscape influences all of our lives. It is the context that sets the stage for both our daily routines and our weekend getaways.

Landscape defined in this way extends beyond any one business site or residential community. Therefore, in designing your specific site, we take making a positive contribution to the overall landscape very seriously. This is the best way that we know of to make a lasting improvement to our communities.

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Elements Studio was our selection to make our vision for a new church patio become a reality.  Their attention to detail and innovative thinking exceeded even our high expectations. The entire congregation is now enjoying what has become a showpiece for the entire community.  Thank you for all your efforts.

Elements Studio provided landscape design services for our headquarters in East Lansing, MI.  We worked with Jonathan Faasse on the project and were very pleased with his design.  He also worked with us through the contractor selection and installation to be sure we were satisfied with the end product.  Excellent firm.

Every day I receive positive comments from my patients regarding our beautifully landscaped office. Patients look forward to seeing the different species bloom throughout the season and are uplifted by the blaze of color and our bubbling water feature.